Mari Kita Boikot Filem Dracula Untold

Promosi filem Dracula Untold yang di siar TV Singapura bergitu gah membuat aku rasa nak menonton nya. .. Jalan cerita dah aksi memang bergitu mengasyikan sehingga lah terdapat babak – babak yang aku rasa sakit hati..

Jalan Cerita Dracula Untold (wikepedia)

In an opening montage the son of Vlad the Impaler recounts the history surrounding the legendary character known as Dracula, and how the stories tell of a monster. Seeking to dispel the legend, Vlad the Impaler’s son recounts the events around which the one known as Dracula came to be.

In the middle ages the Sultan of Turkey sought to acquire and train boys in order to turn them into perfect soldiers who would hold no moral or ethical obligations. One such boy was Vlad, who became known as “the impaler” after his use of wooden stakes to display those whom he killed as a form of psychological warfare. Ultimately, Vlad was able to escape from his duty as a soldier, and was made the prince of Transylvania, a tribute territory to the Turkish Empire. While on a scouting mission in the woods Vlad and his team discover a Turkish helmet, and deduce that a scouting party of Turks have entered Transylvania territory. In their search for the party, Vlad and his men enter a cave in the mountains and encounter an ancient sorcerer and master vampire, who subsequently drives them out of his lair.

The following day, as Vlad and his subjects celebrate Easter, the Turkish party arrives unexpected. Anticipating that they have come for the tribute, Vlad offers the party silver coins, but the envoy demands that 1,000 boys be given over for service in the Turkish army. Vlad turns down the request, but lacks an effective armed force to compel the Turks to leave Transylvania in peace. After a failed attempt at diplomacy with the Turkish Sultan, Vlad skirmishes with a Turkish party that arrived to take his son for service in Turkish army. Realizing that he will need more power in order to defend his territory and his people, Vlad seeks out the vampire’s cave and explains that he has need of the vampire’s power. After listening to his story and cautioning him about the risks, the vampire offers Vlad some of his blood, which infuses Vlad with the powers of the night. The vampire explains that this power will last for three days, during which time Vlad will be tempted to drink human blood, but if he can withstand the urge for all three days he will be restored to his human form.

Upon his return from the cave Vlad observes a Turkish siege of a Transylvania monastery, and single-handedly takes on the besieging force, killing them all. Determined to protect his people at all costs, Vlad instructs the party to fall back to a mountain monastery whose geography will hinder any Turkish attempt to take the facility. During the second night, the Translvanian party is ambushed by Turkish forces, and Vlad and his men engage them. Although victorious in the engagement Vlad’s powers begin to attract attention from his closest advisers. The next day at the monastery, as Vlad attempts to rally his people ahead of the battle, his use of the demonic powers is exposed and the citizens at the monastery subsequently turn on Vlad. Angered over this perceived betrayal, Vlad chastises his people before taking his leave.

That night, a massive Turkish force marches on the monastery. Vlad employs bats to defend the territory, however the army in the gorge turns out to be a feint force deployed to allow a handful of Turks to infiltrate the monastery and kill the citizens. Mina’s attempt to defend her son from the Turks fails, and she ultimately falls to her death. Angered over the loss of his wife, Vlad embraces the darkness within himself and honors Mina’s last request to drink her blood, then returns to the monastery. Finding a handful of survivors Vlad offers each the chance for vengeance, and gives them his blood to drink.

At the primary Turkish Army camp the Sultan and his men are preparing for a massive invasion of Europe when Vlad and his small band of vampires arrive. While the vampires take their vengeance on the Turkish forces Vlad seeks out the Sultan, who has taken his son captive. Aware of the vampire’s weakness to silver, the Sultan has lined the floors oh his tent with silver coins, and engages in a battle with Vlad using a silver sword. Ultimately, the Sultan’s attempt to kill Vlad fails, at which point Vlad and his son emerge from the Sultan’s tent, whereupon they are surrounded by the other vampires Vlad brought. Vlad’s vampires demand to drink the child’s blood, but they are stopped by the unexpected presence of a monk, who keeps the vampires at bay with a cross. After consoling his son, Vlad instructs the monk to take him away, then uses his power to clear the cloud coverage. The absence of the clouds results in the death of the vampires as they are unable to withstand the effects of direct sun contact.

In the aftermath of the battle, Vlad is presumed dead and the Turkish army defeated, leaving Europe safe from invasion and occupation. Vlad’s son is crowned the new prince of Transylvania, and the name Dracula pass down to future generations as a legend. Vlad is revived from his near death like state by the blood of a servant of a vampire, and remains out of the public eye. In the present day, a woman is approached by a man who complements her flowers and recite her favorite piece of poetry, seemingly by coincidence. The man introduces himself as “Vlad”, and the two depart together.

Jujur aku memang ada dengar desas – desus tentang filem Dracula Untold ada unsur – unsur penghinaan Agama Islam. Dan aku , akui dimana satu babak perjanjian antara Kerajaan Turki yang menakluk kerajaan lain membuat perjanjian dengan cap darah pada surat yang terpapar jelas perkataan Allah. Dari situ aku terfikir bagai mana sebuah filem yang terang – terang mengambarkan perperangan antara Kerjaaan Islam dan Bukan Islam mendapat kelulusan tayangan di Negara kita ini.

Kisah Sebenar Disebalik Lagenda Darcula

Mana – mana umat islam dinegara ini yang menonton, pasti sedikit pun merasa sedih, bagai mana Kerajaan Islam diangap sebuah kerajaan yang zalim . Sangup merampas anak – anak yang baru baligh kemedan perperangan adakah itu yang cuba dilakukan oleh holywood. Cuba melakukan propaganda bahawa Kerajaan Islam adalah sebuah kerajaan yang kejam dan ganas.

Kenapa mereka tidak sahaja mereka jalan cerita ini dengan perperangan antara sesama kerajaan mereka atau mengolah cerita ini seperti Siri Underworld atau Siri Van Helsing yang tidak mengaitkan Dunia Islam.?..

Adakah Michael De Luca yang berketurunan Yahudi, Sudah mula berperangai zionis dengan tidak memperdulikan sensitiviti penganut Agama Lain.

Aku rasalah Finas dan Jabatan Agama Islam patut berganding bahu untuk menapis filem – filem luar baru lah filem yang tak sepatut di tayang akan terlepas kepangung negara ini.

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