Melayu Boleh

All people have their own abilities. Each ability will give glory to the name of religion, race or country. In this world many people are unknown to the community. But every nation wishes to compete for reserve in the world. Melayu is no stranger to the world, since from the golden age of Malacca Sultanate until now. Even now the Russians are interested in the culture and language of the Melayu. Transparency of the Malays to lead in Malaysia goals for Merdeka has been proven until now. Melayu rulers still be the leader of a country.

Melayu products can lead the global market. Melayu now is a great nation in this world, Even the Arab traders acknowledge the greatness of the Malay race. Melayu Boleh be in all areas, in terms of the world market, the Melayu also have introduced their own products abroad, such as footwear merchandise products, food, cosmetics, and even Melayu releases of the Proton car has been leading the world market requirements.

The success has maetered the Melayu race standing with foreign countries. The arts industry pioneered by the Melayu since the popularity of the late Sudirman bin Haji Arsyad and Dato Seri P. Ramli has encouraged young Melayu to pioneer the National arts indu

stry field. Now the artistic talent that is within the Melayu has made the Melayu famous all over the world. Even the Melayu Β cultural industry has attracted many tourists to come to Malaysia. It is clear that the Melayu can be in art music and acting talent.

Other than that, the Melayu rich in culture and decency high, consistent with the importance of Islam a Muslim character. The majority of Melayu in Malaysia are Muslims. The transparency of Melayu in the conduct two way relations are very compelling investors from foreign countries to invest in the business. The traditional clothes like baju kurung and baju melayu already represents one of decency as traditional Melayu costume design identity all cover up. Indeed, the Melayu Β can cover themselves completely with traditional clothing in addition to wear hijab for women.

the Melayu Income is now are comparable with great races. Indeed Melayu in financial matters, it is already evident in the success of Dato Mukhriz Mahathir, who is well known as one of the richest Melayu in Malaysia. Melayu housewives income is comparable to ordinary working people. This is because, many Melayu housewives involved in the world of entrepreneurship in creating their own products or direct selling company selling other products as a source of income. Clearly, the Melayu can be undertaken successfully in income.

In the matter of religion in Malaysian Melayu Muslim majority. The Melayu in Malaysia is the first priority of Islam as a guide in their daily life. Islam also helped the Melayu in strengthen the ukhuwah among the Muslims so that the Melayu race is not fragmented. Melayu race was devout in religion, race and country. Transparency in the establishment of Islam by the Melayu greatly admired by to other Muslim countries. Indeed, the Melayu can preaching and uphold the Islam at first, until now and forever

Times have changed now, the Melayu are truly a great, and now the Melayu already have experts in various areas of the market. Melayu are also some trail to the moon, and even also already conquered Mount Everest. Indeed, the Melayu can be in pursuit of a goal. Because the Melayu are familiar with challenge since British colonial rule. Therefore, the Melayu can indeed determine to pursue an ambition.

In conclusion, of course Melayu can to make its mark on the world stage, how great the Melayu race. Proverb says of hang Tuah β€œMelayu wiII not lost in the world”. Until now the Melayu race still in pursuing the goal of which is available live only catch to it becoming reality, thus bring honor to religion, race and country.


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