4 Tips To Plan The Chinese New Year Holiday Trip In Singapore

4 Tips To Plan The Chinese New Year Holiday Trip In Singapore

There are many countries that are my favorite destinations for the Chinese New Year holiday, one of them is Singapore. Singapore is a country in Southeast Asia that offers uniqueness for attractions and also places to visit for tourists.

Now, as the end of 2022 is near to come, the end of the year is a very good time to have an enjoyable and wonderful holiday to close the year of 2022. Therefore, in order to get a pleasant experience while coming to Singapore, you can book a flight ticket Traveloka as one of the best options to choose from.

Especially, for the Chinese New Year in 2023, Traveloka will provide lots of discounts, promos, and even cheaper prices for the loyal customers of Traveloka. Besides ticket flight, there are some other things you might want to try in order to get a wonderful experience of the end year holiday in Singapore.

Here are a few tips for you to get a cheap plane ticket for your CNY holiday vacation. Check out the full review below.

4 Tips To Plan The Chinese New Year Holiday Trip In Singapore
4 Tips To Plan The Chinese New Year Holiday Trip In Singapore – Singapore skyline

Tips For Traveling In Singapore During Chinese New Year Holiday

1.    Purchase Plane and Hotel Package Tickets

Travel packages include airplanes and hotels usually provide transportation from the airport to the hotel, so you don’t have to worry about looking for unfamiliar transportation around Singapore. This kind of package you can find on Traveloka, with others various packages you can try.

Besides, you can also choose a package that suits your needs, such as a tour package that provides a city tour or an adventure package with extreme sports activities. By purchasing airline tickets online, you can also save time and energy.

You don’t have to wait in long lines at the ticket office or have to look for a ticket office located far from where you live. You just need to access the airfare booking website and make online bookings.

2.    Use Two Different Airlines

The next tip is by using two different airlines that can be used for those who need twice as many flights or transit. By using two different airlines, you can decrease your budget for ticket flights, because they usually offer cheaper prices rather than using the same airplane for transit.

However, in order to not make yourself feel anxious because you have two different flights at the same time, you can distance the time flight, so whether on the first flight you have a problem, it won’t disturb the second flight for the transit.

3.    Checking the Social Media of the Ticket Service Provider

Social media has become one of the venues for ticket providers to promote a discount on the tickets they sell. Usually, on these social media sites, they’ll let you know which products are currently being discounted and also show you the voucher code.

As the solution, if you want to get a cheap airplane’s ticket you’ll have to visit social media frequently from the ticketing platform you’re targeting. Besides social media, you can also directly check it through the official website, such as Traveloka’s official website.

4.    Choose the Right Ticket Flights Service Provider

Another tip you can use is by choosing the right ticketing service provider. There are now many ticketing companies that you can easily access online, such as Traveloka. Traveloka is an all-in-one application, where you can buy anything that you need during your holiday, just in one application.

Not only that, usually, during the peak season period, Traveloka also offers various discounts and promo, so you could fly and have a wonderful holiday experience on a budget. Traveloka has also become one of the best applications to fulfill your holiday’s needs.

So, don’t forget to plan a good CNY holiday so that it can bring the best benefits to us and those closest to us. That way, the CNY holiday will not only be a pleasant moment, but it can also inspire and provide benefits for our lives in the coming years.

So, are you ready to have an amazing holiday experience for the new beginning and welcoming CNY 2023? Find your best flight tickets on Traveloka as well as get a variety of exciting promotions and discounts.

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